Our Services

Piano Repairing

Pianos require cleaning, adjustment, and repair in order to maintain optimum performance.

We encourage our piano tuning customers to consider the following services:

  • Keytop cleaning & buffing
  • Regulation of the action
  • Adjustment of dampers & pedals
  • Dampp Chaser & Humidistat
  • Brass cleaning & buffing
  • Hammer reshaping & voicing
  • Interior cleaning of piano
  • Rebuilding & Restoration


Piano Tuning

To experience your piano’s fullest sound and beauty, it must be properly tuned. Depending on the frequency of use and your local climate, we recommend that your piano be tuned 1 to 2 times per year to sound its best. Our piano technician will fine tune your piano using the most accurate methods to ensure its maximum musical capabilities.


Piano Moving

If there’s one thing we know best, it’s how pianos should be handled and transported. Be it an in-home move or a move to another location, our movers will ensure that your piano receives the proper care and attention until it reaches its destination.

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